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ATTENTION: Texas Grant funds inadvertently posted to students accounts for Spring 15. Please note that this money has been removed because these funds have not been received from the State of Texas at this time.  Sorry for any convenience this may have caused.


Financial Aid disbursements for the Spring 15 semester begin on 1-13-15.  If you are not a full-time student your disbursement may be delayed.

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What's New For 2014-2015?

Priority Deadlines

  • Fall 2015 - March 31st (FOR FAFSA, Federal Aid and Loans)

                   March 15th (FOR STATE OF TEXAS AID)

Last-day-to-file FAFSA deadlines

  • 2014-2015 FAFSA -  June 30,2015
  • 2015-2016 FAFSA-   June 30,2016
  • Online Academic Partnership - 3 weeks before the start date of the course.  Any student whose paperwork is not completed 3 weeks before the start date of their course may need to make arrangements other than financial aid to pay for the course of risk being dropped. 

  Deadline to Submit Appeal Paperwork

The deadline to submit an appeal for Satisfactory Academic Progress for Financial Aid or a Hardship Appeal for Exemptions and Waivers is the census date of the term that you are applying.  For a Fall or Spring term this is the 12th class day, for a Summer term this is the 4th class day. For students enrolled in the Academic Partnership program, this is the 4th class day of the part of term you are applying.


"Navigating the world of Financial Aid can be a difficult process. The mission of the Financial Aid Office at Lamar University is to assist students in obtaining financial resources which will enable them to pursue their educational goals and maintain compliance with institutional, state, and federal regulations. We have an experienced staff committed to helping guide students through the process."

Jill Rowley,
Director of Student Financial Aid

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Financial Aid Survey

Please tell us how we are doing - we appreciate your feedback!

Our goal is to make your financial aid experience here at Lamar as seamless as possible. Your feedback lets us know how we can improve to better serve you. Please take a few moments to complete the survey.

Code of Conduct

The Lamar University Office of Student Financial Aid abides by the National Association of Financial Aid Administrator’s federal Code of Conduct. We also adhere to a set of Fair Lending Practices found HERE.

Study Abroad Policy

Students enrolled in the study abroad program may qualify for Federal Title IV assistance if the credit received by the coursework is applicable to their degree program at Lamar University. Our office will need to know the cost of your program along with any other pertinent information about transportation, room, and board. For more information, students should contact the Office of Financial Assistance at 409-880-7011.


*All Lamar University Students are required to use their email accounts for all email correspondence with financial aid staff, including updates and missing paperwork. It is recommended that you check your Lamar email account at least once a week.

*All financial aid notifications from the Lamar University Office of Financial Assistance will be sent to you via electronic means. All notifications and disclosures will be sent to your Lamar student email account. Financial aid notifications may include, but are not limited to: Award Letters, Missing Information Letter (MIL), Award Notifications, Loan Disclosure Notices, Change Form requests, General Application for Summer, Exit Notices due to graduation, Title IV Refund Calculation, Right to Cancel Letter, Entrance Counseling via the U.S. Department of Education and other financial aid business-related notices.

Each notice will identify the information required to be disclosed and provide an internet or intranet address where information can be found.

Upon request, individuals are entitled to a paper copy of the notice. Request for paper copies must be typed and signed and accompanied with a visible government issued photo I.D.  Most financial aid forms may be downloaded by visiting

*It is the responsibility of the student to inform the Office of Student Financial Assistance if a change in the student’s classification has occurred (ex: from an Undergraduate (UG) to a Post Baccalaureate (PB) or Graduate (GR), etc.). This includes changing from a traditional student to an online academic partnership student and vice versa. Initial notifications of financial aid are tentative, and are based on the assumption that the student’s classification is the same as the prior semester. It is essential that the student communicate any change in his/her classification to the financial aid staff during the period leading up to the beginning of each semester as it may impact the student’s aid eligibility. If the student does not provide notification of this change it may not be until later in the semester that this is identified, potentially resulting in aid adjustments and possibly leaving the student with a balance owed to the university.

** NEW ** 

-The Office of Student Financial Assistance must receive notification that a student’s impending graduation if they are graduating during any FALL term. This is considered a mid-year graduation and students' awards as well as budgets must be adjusted to reflect this. Notification may be made in writing or from your LU student email account to

-The Bachelor of Applied Arts and Science (BAAS) and General Studies are not eligible for financial aid as a Post Baccalaureate.

-Beginning in the Fall of 2014, certain waivers and exemptions require students to meet Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) to remain eligible.  This applies to the following exemptions and waivers:  Hazlewood, Border Waivers, Highest Ranking High School Scholar, Deaf/Blind, Adopted, Public Servant Survivor, Disabled Peace Officer, Clinical Preceptors and/ or Their Children, Senior Citizens 65+ for 6 Hours Free Tuition, and Good Neighbor.

- Per State of Texas regulations, Lamar University is required to provide loan repayment and default prevention counseling for all Be On-Time (BOT) loan recipients.    This pertains to students receiving loans on or after January 1, 2015.  Students should visit to complete the counseling, this link will also be provided to students via self service banner.  Students should print the Certificate of Completion and write his/her name in the space provided and present to the Office of Student Financial Assistance.  The  BOT loan will not be certified and sent to the State until this has been completed and received.